BC Camping Trip // Personal

In Mid-November my husband, DeBoe, myself along with my parents, sister and her fiance Brendan all had the weekend off so we decided to take a short road trip. We left early morning and drove out near Nakusp to some natural hot springs. The drive through the mountains alone was worth the trip! 

Upon arriving we made camp at a little look out in the woods. You would have to know my parents to understand their true obsession with Starbucks coffee but its a pretty real addiction. So, yes, the trip was outfitted with many cups of coffee. But you would never hear me complain about that! Aside from drinking coffee around the fire we also spent time at the hot springs and enjoying nature. Sleeping in a tent in the middle of November in Canada is definitely risky but thankfully we were prepared for the rain and cold because both of those were in abundance that night. 

Overall, it was a perfect time to reflect, relax, and spend time with family. Here are a few images I took on my Pentax 1000 using Portra 400 and developed by Canadian Film Lab