Zekiel's Birth Story // KGH

This is Rebekah, strong, bold and beautifully brave. She made capturing my first birthing session a dream, a nervous exciting and extremely emotional dream. Between getting the phone call, packing my equipment and trying not to get a speeding ticket en route to the hospital, I really didn't have much time to prepare myself.  Walking into the room there was a charge of energy and anticipation filling it so tangibly it gave a surge of adrenaline.

During labour Rebekah was a superwoman with her husband Ryan by her side. The strength and love these two shared made capturing these moments so special and important for me. Having the honour to encapsulate this sweet memory in its rawest, most beautiful form for Rebekah and Ryan to look back on in the years to come was truly one to remember.

I didn't realize until heading home as the adrenaline was subsiding and I had a moment to untangle the events of my evening how truly powerful and beautiful the entrance of life is. It was by far the most emotional, raw and beautiful session I have ever captured. Here is to the beauty of creation, the power of our bodies, and the love at first sight only a child can bring.